The 8 Things You Need to Know about the NWM DE[LIVE]ERED Conference

Updated: Aug 16

By guest blogger, Natasha Fish, NWM Board of Directors Secretary

Today I sat down with Naomi Wright, Executive Director of NWM, to find out the 8 things you need to know about NWM’s upcoming DE[LIVE]ERED: Live Free conference series. Click the link for the full schedule and mark your calendars: the second livestream session will air on YouTube on June 9 at 6PM EDT, and will conclude on July 7.

In the meantime, here’s the skinny:


Natasha: Why a conference?

Naomi: When my family and I were driving back from our January road trip to record season 1 of the podcast, I was talking to God as the scenery blurred by. I felt so heavily that these topics surrounding religious abuse needed to be more deeply discussed from various angles, not only supporting, but also equipping people. I had been waiting for opportunities to be asked to start this conversation in a public sphere, and I felt God saying, “I’m telling you that it’s time and I want you to move forward. You need to create it because I’ve already invited you to do it. You don’t need someone else’s permission.” I’ve been committed to the discussion about religious abuse, and how to support and equip people, getting out there, no matter what.


Natasha: How did you move forward with that goal when challenges arose?

Naomi: Many who have been following know there was a change in the format of the conference, but the NWM team and the presenters have all seen the positivity in that change. Even while it wasn’t the original plan, we have all felt God move through the transition from a full-day event to a conference series. I have held the final product of what the conference “should be” loosely. Even though I can get hung up on details and aesthetics, getting the information out there was what was most important. Minimally, people needed to know that they were seen, heard, thought of, and cared for, which drives us forward to make this conference happen despite it not looking how we first envisioned it.


Natasha: Why a conference series instead of a full-day event?