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After completing my first Master’s degree, I drove away from my hometown with whatever could fit into my first-generation Prius. Though I was leaving dear friends, I knew with every part of me that I had to put some space between myself and the places that housed so much confusion and pain. I had been surviving on distraction far too long, and its time of service was running out. Without healing, I knew my time risked running out as well. Should I choose to continue breathing, I would be choosing to walk through life buried within my own body, pretending to have a healthy mind, heart, and soul—an existence I had little energy remaining for— so, I started driving, hoping for a chance at change.

I had felt pulled toward Colorado during a brief visit. Imagining my legs carelessly swinging from a peak, I rediscovered the freedom I sensed as a child—when I went weightless on a swing, or looked out of my window at the magnificent maple tree, with its glorious steadfast presence. As I allowed my pain to surface, perpetually one moment away from being consumed, I experienced a simultaneous contrasting hope, an opportunity for an unexpected life in which those moments of freedom would become my new normal. But first, I knew I had to surrender, and embrace the hard work, unrolling like a stained red carpet before me: one hurt, one loss, one lie, one scar, one fear, one question, then the next hurt, loss, lie, scar, fear, and question. Sifting through the ashes, I began learning what to carry with me and what to let float away, returning to nothing, like the vapor it was.

Naomi Wright

Ten years later, my freedom has a name. The Beauty that had called to me since childhood, that transcendent ache to live a life delivered of the devastation I had known, has saved my life. As I questioned what had been real and what had not, I became committed to finding the truth. I had become a seeker, passionately needing to know who God is. I asked questions about the relationship between my dad and the Lord: Was my dad a prophet? Had the Lord given him special revelation? Did God sanction my dad’s abuse? I read books about God’s love, grace, and the accepted understandings of the Old Testament. I researched my questions, engaged experts through my study at Denver Seminary, and remained humble enough to not yet know the answers, while adamant that the they came with evidence.​ ​Through this, I found that although I had believed I was Christian my whole life, authentic questions dismantled the surviving pieces of my worldview. In actuality, I had been raised in a pseudo-Christian cult, and my dad was the founder and leader of our group. I had been raised, yet hidden, within mainstream culture and public school education, where no one knew, including myself, until I was 28 years old. Graciously, through the gentle love of God, I have since learned the truth of who he is, and have genuinely become part of his family.

Founder | Naomi Wright

Master of Social Work from State University of New York at Buffalo, Licensed in Colorado
Master of Arts in Christian Studies from Denver Seminary - Spring 2022

Naomi is specialized in grief and loss, end of life care, and trauma-informed care, as well as in biblical studies of both the Old and New Testaments. 

​I believed I was Christian my whole life, then through the gentle love of God, I learned the truth and genuinely became part of his family.

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