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Naomi Wright Ministries exists for those whose lives have been, presently are, and have the potential to be impacted by an unhealthy religious experience.

Please check out the timeline below for some of the impactful projects your generous support is making possible. Each of the colored images is a project that has already launched, thanks to your continued giving. But, we need your help to begin work on the grayed images and the future initiatives. Too many are at-risk. Too many are suffering.

October 2020-March 2021

Naomi's Story Project

Raising awareness about unhealthy religious groups and glorifying God through bold narrative.

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November 2020-Ongoing

Informational tidbits

Short 30sec - 2min clips for a quick view and easy share. Content focused on evoking thought around unhealthy religious group awareness and the knowledge necessary to prevent involvement.

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 October 2020-Ongoing

Social Media

Engaging culture with awareness and educational opportunities in order to strengthen viewers, equip them for prevention of group involvement, and provide support to those who are healing.

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October 2020-Ongoing

Gospel sharing

Directly and indirectly sharing the message of Christ in hopes of others knowing the truth of who he is in comparison to the false teaching they have previously known.

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October 2020-Ongoing


Written means of communicating personal experience combined with biblical and theological education. Posts have an emphasis on equipping and empowering.

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January 2021-Ongoing

Guest Speaking

Embracing opportunities to teach, equip, and support others in alignment with the work of NW Ministries.


Spring-Summer 2021

Podcast Season 1

Relational series focused on the before and after of unhealthy religious experiences. Follow up discussion centered around the false teachings shared, including red flags to recognize in order to avoid unknowingly becoming involved in a harmful group.

Pending Funding

​Narrative Apologetics: Virtual Course Series

Online educational series focused on prevention: equipping individuals to recognize and avoid unhealthy religious groups either for the first time or to prevent revictimization.

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Pending Funding

B​arna Research

Curated study conducted to provide necessary updated information on the current situation in the U.S. for individuals who have had an unhealthy religious experience. This information will inform future targeted efforts in relation to awareness, resources, and prevention.


Fall-Winter 2021

The Presence Project

Specialized creative endeavor to share the beauty of Christ’s presence in a unique and engaging manner.

Fall-Winter 2021

Podcast Season 2 - Expert Interviews

Educational series focused on sharing information with listeners that will equip them with resources from 3 angles: those who have been, presently are, and have the potential to be impacted by an unhealthy religious experience.

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2022 and Beyond

Future Initiatives

  • Training for support professionals

  • Database for support professionals

  • Training and resources for church leadership

  • Online training courses for lay-people

  • Resources for young and new Christians