A mentorship is a beneficial professional relationship in which an experienced individual–the mentor–shares knowledge, expertise and wisdom to a less experienced person in the area being discussed.




Have you had a past unhealthy religious experience and are feeling stuck in your healing process?




Do you need help on how to approach a loved one who is involved with an
abusive religious group?




Are you supporting someone who is healing and in need of guidance on how to support them well?

Our Approach

At NWM, we want you to take the next step in your journey and are honored to help you navigate this oftentimes confusing process. Our relationship is short term and will have a specific area of focus, though we remain available for further guidance as needed.

About Naomi
  • Master of Science in Social Work from the University at Buffalo

  • Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary–In progress

  • Founder/Executive Director of NWM

Getting Help

Please complete our intake form and we will be in touch within 3 business days

Pay It Forward

Donate as generously as you're able. If you can't donate, then you can't–we want to help anyway. If you can donate, please extend the gift of mentoring to others as well. If we all do what we can, then we can all get what we need!

Gift someone in need with low-to-no cost mentoring by donating today.

My pastor suggested I reach out to Naomi Wright Ministries when I shared concerns related to my (elderly) mom's new involvement with what seemed to be a fringe religious group that had some political overtones. Naomi was a sensitive and compassionate listener with whom I could easily share. Most importantly, she helped share sound ideas for how to engage with my mom around my concerns. She was very helpful as my family found ourselves in a situation for which we felt unprepared.

- Wendy

About Us

Naomi Wright Ministries exists for those whose lives have been, presently are, and have the potential to be impacted by an unhealthy religious experience.

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