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Naomi Wright Ministries exists for those whose lives have been, presently are, and have the potential to be impacted by an unhealthy religious experience.

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Right now, your childhood friend–the one you still have photos of–is being convinced to join what will be a harmful religious experience. This group will steal most of his twenties. Right now, the life of your morning barista–the one who knows the name of your dog–is being mangled by a narcissistic leader. She can't walk away because she believes she's found the missing piece in life. Right now, your work buddy–the one whose sarcasm gets you through the day–is struggling to heal from a past unhealthy group experience. He can't find his voice or the help he needs, so he silently suffers alone.

Unhealthy religious experiences are prevalent and the wreckage from them is all around you. It occurs on a spectrum, with both ends holding equal value and urgency. Harm is harm. Trauma is trauma. Pain, confusion, loss. We all know these emotions from some aspect of our own lives. This commonality offers a bridge to the worlds of those you may not understand.

Let's build that bridge between you, your work buddy, your morning barista, and your childhood friend.

It is time for the damage being done to those you love to stop.
It is time to take back the ground we have lost to false teachers.
It is time for us to act.

Heal the Hurting

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About Naomi

Founder | Naomi Wright

I am the daughter of a Christian-based cult leader, defined as an unhealthy religious group marked by extremist authoritarian leadership. I was raised, yet hidden, within mainstream culture and public school education, where no one knew—or the few with a sense of something, stayed silent.


I did not know this was the case until I was 28, from which point I have sought after truth with a questioning mind, adamant to never find myself so lost again. Through this seeking, I have found a solid foundation of redemption, love, and hope, through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.